Entrance Process

Entrance Process

Free Entrance Registration

If you pre-register for free entrance in the official website, you are able to enter and see the exhibition free of charge. With the pre-registration, all procedures become simple.
On the site, please come to 'Free Entrance Registration' Booth and check your information near the gate. After getting a visitor badge, you may enter the exhibition hall without any fee to be paid.

On-site Registration

You are able to register on-site. After completing ‘On-Site Registration’ form with details, please submit it to the registration booth. You can get a visitor badge which allows you to enter the exhibition.

Entrance Fee 5,000 Won
* For adults over 20 years old. Free for middle and high school students.

On-site Registration with Invitation

If you have received an invitation ticket, you are able to see the exhibition free of charge following the registration procedures below.
Complete Registration Form – Check personal information - Get a Visitor Badge – Enter the Exhibition