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Who is AIEF? American International Education Foundation (AIEF) is a non-profit organization that brings together the world's finest students with the U.S. educational system. Since 1992, AIEF has worked with educators, school representatives, business leaders and government officials worldwide on a range of international student services and educational exchange programs. The Foundation is dedicated to bridging the information gap between international students and U.S. academic institutions. To achieve this goal, AIEF provides diverse tools such as overseas recruitment fairs, web resources, orientation seminars, school directories, reference guides, student scholarships, and teacher/counselor training programs. Through our student services website, UScampus.com, we provide online guidance to international students on school selection, scholarship opportunities, test preparation, admissions applications, educational funding, student visas, health insurance, cultural issues, living adjustments, and much more. AIEF is headquartered in Los Angeles, and has an affiliate office in Taipei. AIEF has provided services to students in more than 70 nations, however, its programs have been particularly strong in China and Taiwan. Since 2001, the organization has brought the American Education Fairs to Korea. China, Korea and Taiwan represent three of the top five markets sending international students to the United States, with China in the first position, Korea third and Taiwan fifth. U.S. Education Overseas AIEF's mission is to increase the accessibility of U.S. education internationally, because it believes the United States has one of the world's finest higher education programs. Studying in the country allows international students to learn first hand about the U.S. democratic values, governmental structure and economic system. When students return to their homes after graduation, these future leaders often return to positions of power in their native countries with a favorable impression of the United States systems. As a result, this educational exchange encourages increased understanding between the U.S. and other countries - a prerequisite for world peace and prosperity.