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Terms of Contract

Article 1. Terminology

a. “The Exhibitor” hereafter refers to company, association, organization or individual that has submitted an application(contract) and paid the contract deposit to participate in this exhibition.
b. “The Exhibition” hereafter refers to the Exhibition on the application and contract form.
c. “The Organizer” hereafter refers to Korea Trade Fairs Ltd..
d. “The Contract” hereafter refers to the application and contract for the exhibition space at the Exhibition between Organizer and Exhibitor which incorporates the rules and regulations.

Article 2. Contractual, Application and Payment Procedure

a. The Exhibitor should submit to the Organizer and the deposit [50% of the participation fee(booth cost, VAT excluded)] should be paid in 7days after submission. The balance [50% of the participation fee(booth cost, VAT excluded) + application cost for additional utilities] should be paid not later than 90 days prior to the opening date of Exhibition.
b. If the Exhibitor withdraws the participation after submitting the Contract within 30 days prior to the opening date of Exhibition, the payment paid already will not be refunded.
c. If the Exhibitor fails to pay the balance within the specified period of time on the Contract, the Organizer may terminate the Contract and in this case, the payment paid already cannot be refunded.
d. If the Exhibitor does not make the full payment of participation fee(booth cost) or application cost for additional utilities within 30 days prior to the opening date of Exhibition, the Organizer can selectively attract the Exhibitor’s display till the full payment is made.

Article 3. Allotment of Exhibition Booth Area

a. The Organizer shall decide a booth position based on the nature of exhibits, capacity and history of participation in the Exhibition of the Exhibitor and who paid contract deposit first.
b. It is allowed that the Organizer changes the booth area anytime prior to the commencement of the Exhibition for an effective organizing. The Exhibitor shall have NO right to make a claim against the said change.

Article 4. Installation and Removal

a. The installation and removal should be completed within the period set by the Organizer. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the damage on the Exhibition caused by the delay of installation or removal.
b. Height of all booth construction and decoration should not exceed the range specified by the Organizer considering the size and location of the Exhibition.
c. All materials of booth construction(decoration) and exhibition hall must be properly fire proofed in accordance with local regulations. The Organizer may require correction regarding fire prevention as occasion demands.

Article 5. Insurance, Security and Safety

The Exhibitor shall buy an insurance policy to be prepared against theft, damage or loss of exhibition items and facilities during installation and removal period as well as exhibition period. The Organizer shall take a proper action to keep the Exhibitor and visitors safe and protect their properties. In principal, however, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for all exhibition items. Therefore, the Exhibitor shall NOT blame the Promote for the theft, damage of loss of the exhibition items and facilities.

Article 6. Exhibition Items Limited and Hall Management

a. The Exhibitor shall exhibit exhibition items that have been stipulated on the application(contract). The Organizer shall be able to restrict certain items that do NOT match the Exhibition’s theme.
b. The booth shall be managed by resident staffs of the Exhibitor.
c. The Exhibitor's promotion activities shall be within the assigned area.
d. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for loss or damage of exhibits, theft, etc.
e. The Organizer may order the removal or export immediately when the Organizer or other exhibitors get damage by the act of the Exhibitor. In this case, the participation fee cannot be refunded and the Exhibitor shall NOT make a claim against the Organizer.

Article 7. Heavy restrictions

a. Depending on the structure of exhibition ground, the weight of exhibit items is limited.
b. Consultation between the Exhibitor, the Organizer and the exhibition hall needs to be made before the Exhibition opens if 1 exhibit item weighs more than 1 ton/m2 and total weight is more than 5 ton. If necessary, additional safety measures shall be taken.

Article 8. Prohibition of transfer of booth

The Exhibitor cannot transfer all or part of the allocated exhibition area to others without the written consent of the Organizer.

Article 9. Penalty on Withdrawal and Size Reduction

a. If the Exhibitor wants to withdraw the participation after submitting the Contract or reduce the exhibition size, the Exhibitor shall give a written notice to the Organizer immediately. b. It shall pay the penalty as shown below within 15 days from the date of withdrawal/reduction is decided. The penalty can be offset with the already paid participation fee. If the paid participation fee is insufficient, additional payment is required while the surplus shall be refunded.
* Penalty
- 61 days ~ 90 days prior to the opening date of the Exhibition: 50%(No VAT) of the participation fee(booth cost) or the reduction
- 31 days ~ 60 days prior to the opening date of the Exhibition: 70%(No VAT) of the participation fee(booth cost) in case of the withdrawal, 60% of the reduction in case of the reduction
- Within 30 days prior to the opening date of the Exhibition: 100%(No VAT) of the participation fee(booth cost) or the reduction
c. Amount of refund shall not be paid for the interest.
d. Penalty shall not be issued for the tax bill.

Article 10. Cancellation or Reduction of the Exhibition due to Force Majeure

If the Organizer changes the Exhibition date or venue or cancels the Exhibition due to national crisis or natural disaster, it shall NOT be responsible for the damage caused by the change or cancellation.

Article 11. Supplementary Provisions

If necessary, the Organizer shall be able to set supplementary provisions and the Exhibitor shall comply with them. Details not specified in this Agreement set forth the relevant provisions of the Organizer and applicable laws and regulations.

Article 12. Arbitration

If a dispute arises between the Organizer and the Exhibitor with regard to their rights and duties, it shall be settled by arbitration under arbitration rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and Korean laws. The decision by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board shall be final and binding upon both parties.
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