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Mission and Core Values MCPHS University prepares students for successful careers in healthcare through excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, professional service, and community engagement. The University embraces a set of core values that reflect commitment to preparing competent, caring, ethical health professionals and scientists to meet the need for quality healthcare. As members of the University and the broader community, we are committed to the following core values: •Learner-centered teaching and student engagement that fosters intellectual vitality, critical thinking, and lifelong responsibility for learning and continuing professional development. •Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and personal responsibility. •Respecting diversity and appreciating cross-cultural perspectives. •Adaptability and flexibility in response to the ever-changing external environment. •Efficient use of resources to maximize value to those we serve. •Excellence and innovation in education, scholarship/research, and service, including outreach to the community. •A productive, satisfying work and learning environment that is built upon cross-disciplinary and cross-campus collaboration. •Integration of liberal arts and basic sciences with professional studies. •Scholarship that contributes to developing knowledge, improving health sciences education, and improving health care and health outcomes. •Education that fosters developing the whole person. Learning Outcomes With a tradition of excellence in health care and science education since its founding in 1823, MCPHS University offers its students degree programs and co-curricular activities that are focused on knowledge and skills development. The University’s mission statement affirms its primary goal of preparing students for successful careers in health care through excellence in teaching, scholarship, professional service and community engagement. MCPHS University prepares its graduates to: • Possess interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills to effectively interact with a diverse population including patients, clients, customers, and colleagues. •Create and sustain positive and productive professional relationships with patients, clients, customers, and colleagues. •Apply technical knowledge, information literacy, cultural sensitivity, critical thinking skills, and problem solving strategies necessary in professional settings to provide comprehensive services to patients, clients, and others. •Collaborate effectively as a team member to bring projects to successful completion. •Behave in a responsible manner and hold oneself and colleagues to the professional and ethical standards of their profession. • Engage in lifelong learning and regular self-assessment to achieve continuous professional growth. Strategic Plan MCPHS University undertakes planning and evaluation in order to accomplish and improve the achievement of its mission. Long-term planning objectives are articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan.