American International School of Utah American International School of Utah

4998 Galleria Dr, Murray, UT 84123, USA
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OUR MISSION Improve our world as we learn, live, lead, and serve with Purpose, Passion, and Persistence. OUR VISION At AISU, we seek to personalize, accelerate, and enrich learning using a technology-facilitated, student-centered blended learning model within a flexible, creative, and inspiring school environment that encourages students to be personally invested and globally engaged. OUR VALUES Purpose, Passion, Persistence, Curiosity, Creativity, Contribution ABOUT US The American International School of Utah (AISU) serves grades K-12. The middle and high schools fuse a rigorous academic environment tailored to the individual with project-based learning aimed at preparing students for college and professional life and cultivating the next generation of innovators. AISU features an indoor community center stretching half a block, group study rooms walled in glass, and a 1200-seat performing arts auditorium. As impressive as the school’s facilities are, however, they pale in comparison with the faculty. The administrative team has recruited an impressive group of faculty members for our school, most of whom have advanced degrees, many from Ivy-league schools. Under the guidance of these teachers and outside guest specialists, middle and high school students craft their own Personal Learning Programs and participate in two-week elective courses called “intensives” which extend learning beyond classroom walls and allow students to delve more deeply into areas of personal interest. The student-mentor ratio is far lower than the state average, and students receive consistent, individualized attention. AISU is a public/private hybrid; international students will pay tuition, and Utah students will attend for free. We believe in empowering students to become leaders of their own learning. AISU is not just a creative new model—it is the future of education, supported by years of research and planning.